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The sculpting process of what one person says to another in order for a fully realized, imagined universe to emerge is an exhilarating task.  I have provided samples of my plays below.  If what you see interests you, please contact me and I would be happy to send you the full script!

The Lion's Tale

The Lion's Tale (first performed under the title The Boy with the Lion) is a retelling of the story of Yvain, one of the Knights of the Round table. Through this whirlwind adventure, Yvain learns - with the help of a Lion - that through our actions we become who we are.


After slaying a knight to avenge his cousin, Yvain falls in love with the widow and subsequently marries her, helped to her hand by the lady's conniving handmaiden. Coaxed into continuing his knightly pursuits by his Round Table compatriots, Yvain is granted a year's leave from his wife. However, wrapped up in the glory of the tournaments, Yvain loses track of time and stays away too long. Driven mad by the grief of losing his wife's favor, Yvain rids himself of the vestiges of his previous life and takes refuge in a forest. There he saves a lion from a dragon, who becomes his ally against the world.


The story is told with six actors, a trunk, a guitar, and lots of imagination.

Directing Workshop Performance

Firehouse Theatre (2016)

(4m, 1f, 1m/f)


The Sword in the Stone

This play for young audiences is a new adaptation of the classic tale of King Arthur's origin.  Young Arty is nobody, until the day he pulls a sword from a stone and is named the next King of England.  The wizard Merlin takes Arty under his wing to go on an adventure to educate the thirteen year-old king-to-be about what it means to be a great ruler.  Along the way, the duo encounters refugees, a dragon, and some long-lost family.  The tale is full of magic, adventure, and empathy - the truest trait of a great king.

World Premiere (POSTPONED)

Birmingham Children's Theatre (2020)

North Carolina Premiere

Montford Park Players (2021)

(flexible casting.  minimum 3m, 3f)

Medieval Castle
Playwright: Project
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