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A Little About Me

A well-rounded artist.

I tag myself as an Actor, Musician, Playwright, and Freelance Creative because those are the pursuits in which I believe I can be of greatest service.  However, I have a personal theory that the more you learn, the better of a person you are. I look to learn at every opportunity possible. To that end, I've also worked as a scenic carpenter and dabbled in directing, sound, A/V editing, studio recording, etc.


I'm an actor first.  It is the thing I pour the greatest labor and love into.  I believe it is the greatest service I can provide for myself and others to dedicate myself to truthfully exposing the beating, human heart of a character for all to see. I've been at it since middle school and don't plan to stop any time soon.


I had a tenuous early relationship with music, attempting and then quitting a litany of instruments. Around 10 years ago, I picked up a guitar and fell in love.  I have had the pleasure to compose and perform original music for several different productions and through those experiences have had the opportunity to learn more about my instrument.  I now enjoy flirting with any instrument that comes my way, having tinkered with a ukulele, a bass, some pan pipes, and more.


I always knew I wanted to write.  I really began playwriting in college.  Since then I've done 24-hour playwriting festivals, written various scenes and scripts for workshops, had full-length plays professionally produced multiple times, and continue to practice and hone my craft. 

Freelance Creative

It's always good to keep busy. To bridge employment gaps between theatre contracts, to supplement income so that pay doesn't need to be the deciding factor every time I want to participate in a project, and simply because it's a good time, I seek opportunities to create content for various kinds of clients. I have experience in technical writing (hey, physics degree!), creative writing, SEO writing, project leading, creative direction, virtual team coordination, and more. 

...and Me.

I enjoy hiking, reading, and my dog.  I began performing as a professional magician when I was ten years old and still enjoy magic on occasion.  For the great majority of my life, I believed I was walking down the path of a scientist.  I have a B.S. in Physics and I specialized in nanomaterials engineering.  I double majored in college with Theatre. I'm told it's a unique combination, but I think they're more similar than they're given credit for. They are pursuits of human inquiry. We reach out into the unknown and report our findings.  It is an enlivening task that I'm constantly excited to be engaged in.

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