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Freelance Creative

Providing Everything You Need


Creative Writing

From scriptwriting for your YouTube series to a punchy bio on your website, I'm here to deliver crisp and clever creative writing in a variety of mediums to suit your project's needs.

SEO Writing

Search Engine Optimization is a precise science. Much of the content created for industry blogs and op-ed articles intended to boost your status on Google is poor quality, lackluster writing. I'm a firm believer that while SEO content needs to satisfy a rubric, it also needs to have merit of its own for the reader.

Using Mobile Phone

Voice Acting/Audio Recording

I have a small home studio in which I can bring my experience on the stage straight to the performance of your audiobook, a segment on your podcast, or a voiceover for your commercial spot.

Periodic Table

Technical Writing

I have professional lab research experience and a degree in Physics from The College of William & Mary.


I'm a skilled researcher and have practice digesting complex information to synthesize accessible material. Whether your project is rooted in an esoteric scientific niche or you're seeking publication in a peer-reviewed journal, I'm here to help you communicate your thoughts, research, and findings clearly and in an engaging manner.

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