I strive to constantly learn and develop in order to best reach out and affect change in the people who come to the theater.  I believe a truthful performance is the most direct path into a person's heart.  My resume is a reflection of the greatest opportunities I have had to do so.


Drive-In Theatre

White Noise on Black Background


Theatre for Young Audiences

Creative Solutions

Barter Theatre was one of the first in the country to come up with a creative and as near to 100% safe as possible solution to creating and performing live, in person theatre for an audience in a pandemic.

Barter brought a team of artists together in June of 2020.  Thorough testing, quarantining, distancing, ventilation, medical board consulting, etc. resulted in a 6 month season at a drive-in movie theatre.  Audiences were able to stay in their cars to watch a live show on a raised stage and a live filmed projection of the play on the drive-in screen behind the stage, listening to the audio through their car radios.

Barter at the Moonlite returns in Spring 2021!

Stay Safe

It's not easy out there.  I count myself incredibly lucky every day that I have been able to continue working, performing, and reaching audiences in a safe way.  I am one of a fortunate few.  Performing is important, and I'm glad I get to do it.  Safety is more important.

Theatre matters.  The people who do it matter more.  We will get out the other side of this, and I hope we make some great art from it.

Service Heart

I have been trained to speak to children on matters of sexual and physical abuse with Hugs & Kisses and was able to facilitate children getting the help they need.  I have gotten to design and implement group theatre workshops with multiple companies.  I've performed on stages, gym floors, outside, and online.  I have learned to set up, troubleshoot, and run sound systems, maintained sets, delegated load in and load out of venues, and driven more miles in a tour van than I can count.

Above all, I have had the opportunity to reach tens if not a hundred thousand or more young hearts and minds across the southeast.


Great Expectations

"Shaan Sharma is a winning choice to portray the invincible Pip. The energy Sharma brings to the stage and his capacity to handle the high and low curveballs thrust upon Pip are amazing to watch."

-Bonnie Gable, The Barter Blog


The Coast of Utopia (Voyage)

" personal favorite, Shaan Sharma as Vissarion Belinsky.  I really enjoyed Sharma's work and thought he gave some real dimension to his character."


- Ann Efimetz, The Virginia Gazette


A Midsummer Night's Dream

"Shaan Sharma makes his entrance as Demetrius on a bicycle."


- Mal Vincent, The Virginian Pilot


The Night of the Iguana

"The standout performance for me was Shaan Sharma as Nonno...Sharma gave us an endearing and believable old man character, without becoming a caricature."


- Ann Efimetz, The Virginia Gazette